Justin White

Originally from the North Georgia mountains Jesus saved Justin after years of professing Christ, but not walking in obedience to his commands as a faithful disciple. God has given Justin a burden to take the Gospel to the nations and to raise up disciples of Jesus who make disciples.

Gifted with apostolic and teaching gifts, Justin’s primary role is to equip the body to faithfully engage their spheres of influence with desires of seeing a disciple-making movement take root.

Interests includeL: spending time with my wife and daughter, reading, eating good food, seeing the sights and learning about people and cultures of the world, fishing, swimming, mountain biking, driving 3 hours to the east of Raleigh to the beach or 3 hours to the west to the mountains for some hiking and camping, safaris in Africa, University of Florida & Georgia Tech Sports (proof the Gospel is powerful), some amateur gardening, and watching a good movie on a Friday evening with my wifey.

Play List the Describes Justin

Random fact: I’ve gone one on one with a black rhino in a Honda Odyssey and won.